Loop Doctors with Chris Hunter in NYC!  We travelled to Brooklyn, New York for a couple of days to record tracks for our upcoming Loop Doctors album. It was a blast to work with Chris, and we're really excited about the new material. Here's a little vid on the studio sessions.

Fonogram prize!  I was music director/composer/arranger of Group'N'Swing's "Botrány" album, which won Hungary's highest music business award, the Fonogram prize for best entertainment music 2013.

I made a short demo using Mainstage 2 with my Casio keytar - have fun! (All music material used is original, except rap lyrics taken from "Jazzhole".

'Parallels' with Orchestra! Debrecen Philharmonic Orchestra, feat. Roland Szentpali. Music: Aron Romhanyi. Arrangement: Roland Szentpali

Campos do Jordao, Brasil Pro Art Quartet feat. Aron Romhanyi, Laszlo Borsodi. First half: Baroque music with historical instruments and positive organ. Second half: Contemporary music (Romhanyi: Collision Course, Romhanyi: Dilemma, Szentpali: Loops) Aron Romhanyi improvisation masterclass.

Campos do Jordao.jpg

Tubamania Conference, Bangkok! Roland Szentpali recital feat. Aron Romhanyi on piano. Szentpali: Melton 200, Romhanyi: Parallels, Szentpali: Carmen Fantasy

Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto Recorded my piece "So Far, So Close" for trombone and piano! Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto: Ballade (2010)

Japan! Roland Szenpali - Aron Romhanyi tour in Japan, spring of 2009, featuring Ryonusuke Pepe-Abe.


Fabien Wallerand Recorded my piece "Parallels" on his new cd, Art of the Tuba'.

Fabien Wallerand.jpg

ITEC, Tucson, USA! Romhanyi: Parallels US premier, Melton 200 world premier!

ITEC 2010 TUCSON.jpg

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